For Anyone Wondering
What do we call you?
Degen ('dee-jen') is fine.

What kind of person are you?
I'm a gay man from the 'Encarta and AOL chatrooms' era of the personal computing.

What do you mean when you say Internet/social media?
Whenever I refer to the Internet on this site, I'm talking about a tool and speaking, in a way, very generally. The Internet I refer to is not a single community or a single kind of website or service. It is a tool that facilitates these sites and communities, from Wireshare to Neopets to LINE messenger to Rule34.

When it comes to the term social media, I use it much more specifically. It describes a class of communication and content hosting services that purport to be free while farming your content and personal information to ad companies and manipulating your behavior within the service to ensure you view enough ads and produce enough content on which they can serve further ads. Other relevent qualities include the presence of an aggregate feed, empty engagement metrics in the mold of Likes, and algorithmically formulated recommendations. 4chan, though it is free and chock full to the brim with maniacs, does not qualify as social media under these terms. A site can be fucked up and full of assholes without being social media.